PerhapsLabs is dedicated to the pursuit of experimentation-driven design. Through trial and error, questioning the limits of form, and the willingness to play and explore, to fail and start over, the object takes shape. The story of making something should be as interesting as the object itself.

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This process has no end. That is really not the point. This is how I sketch. It would certainly be cheaper to do this all with just pen and paper, and to be honest I did use Sketch Up to make the patterns. But the important thing to me is that I continue to play with how this might be. None of these chairs are done. Nor will the next one be.

The hope is that with every iteration I get a bit closer to making something that will be worth all the effort.

Each time the idea gets a bit stronger, a bit more comfortable, more defined. I will come back to this set of experiments over the next few month and resolve some of these to an end point. But this way of working ensures that there will be more to learn from.

One issue I have with using renderings when doing custom work for clients is that if it looks too real they expect the final product to look exactly the same. Nothing made of real materials ever looks the same as the rendering. The wood can vary slightly, the finish may have a bit more gloss, or be more matte, the colors can be similar, but not quite the same. Sometimes the method of construction can change from the model to the final product, you don't need screws to hold a 3D render together.
So to counter this I have started to blend the raw sketch up with the rendered file. This gives a hint of real, with a healthy blend of "sketchiness". While there are plenty of times when photo realistic renderings are key in selling a pitch, I find that managing expectations and sending photos of the real thing in process does far more to satisfy most clients than a perfect rendering ever could.

Lola is the latest chair designed by Perhaps Labs and is the result of a long process of trial-and-error. The goal was to create something simple, light-weight, and whimsical. The wood frame is CNC-cut from a 3/4” 15-layer, white, laminated, phenolic ply, which provides both durability and a long-lasting finish. There are 5 cord colors to choose from, and each chair is hand-finished to add detail and ensure quality.

This table was designed to allow 8 folks to sit comfortably at one of its eight sides. Ideal for a large space this table measures in at 8ft long, 4ft wide, and 27in high. Made from 1 1/2 inch thick Birch Ply its sturdy enough for all your holiday meals. Finished with natural stain and 3 coats of flat polyurethane sealant. It ships flat and assembles in minutes.

I found a random board near the end of a disappointing dumpster dive, and promptly set it aside for 6 months. Then, I had some steel left over from a gig, so I had the idea to make this as a product, a small table that's dimensions are based on the nicest piece of wood I can literally find. I intend to use a thicker stock of rod on the next few (3/4 perhaps) but the length and width will be determined by the best wood I can find to recycle. No two will be alike, and I will just keep making them as long as someone wants one.

Want one?

I have since revised the design and will be making them more like this in the future

So, I bought a stack of 1.5 inch finished pine and took out my trusty chop saw (his name in Rusty). Several hours later I looked round and had this stuff. Each one will be refined and produced in a limited run later this year.

To purchase the prototypes please visit my etsy store.

Some prefer clean, controlled lines, rendering and mass production. Others create things slowly over time, allowing design to evolve, working with hands not computers, embracing forces of chance. Both methods are valid, and can produce stunning work. I have chosen the latter.

I had spent the better part of the year committed to exploring this method of design and making, focused on design by drip - a blend of chaos and control.

Inspired by the formation of stalactites, I set out on a experimental path and fell upon the idea of dripping and accumulation. This method would allow the drip to grow as if it had a life of its own outside of my control. As each drop of wax fell it would settle and harden as it pleased. It was more like a balancing act than my other work, and I was more an observer of the process. The end result was then cast in metal with almost no intervention to the shapes that gravity had made. The name Oroboros refers to the symbol of the snake eating its tail, both creation and destruction, an endless cycle of life and death. This name sums up both the why and the how that led to the making of this collection.

chair, 29" high, 29" deep, 22" wide
lamp, 38" long, 10" diameter
table, 14" tall, 18" diameter

Custom dimensions and finishes available for commissions.

To purchase originals please visit my etsy store.

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No alarm today. No commute. The coffee is ready, the sun is barely warm, and your book is calling. All there is to do is curl up and drink in the day.

Thin steal frame with leather seat and now in string

Also available at me Etsy store.

I was asked to populate a stairwell in Building 301 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Flintridge, Ca, with sci-fi style robots. I thought of the great styrofoam robots that I had seen by Michael A. Salter, so as an homage to his work, I collected all the styrofoam from the JPL dumpsters and warmed up the hot glue gun.

Inspired by the movement of squid and octopi this simple table is folded from a single sheet of cnc cut alucabond.
(updated design coming soon!)
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